Resort - Soái Phạm

Thung Nham Resort

All it takes is just one step away from the comfort of your room to the lap of Nature...
Thung Nham Resort

Green approach 🏡

Thung Nham is conceived as a conscious, ecologically responsible resort where comfort is imbued with a uniquely nature-focused perspective and design is elegantly crafted with harmonious intent.

Thung Nham Resort

At one with Nature ☘

Dedicated to those who take pleasure in every manifestation of beauty with scenic views over flower gardens and serene lakes, our resort is the epitome of what living in harmony with Nature actually looks like...

Deluxe Double - Thung Nham Resort, Ninh Binh

Modernly equipped 🛁

Looking to get back to Nature without giving up on the good things that modern life has to offer? Here you are, close to Nature, but never too far from comfort.

Hồ bơi Thung Nham

Total rejuvenation 🏊

A restorative haven to disconnect from the madness, then reconnect with what's important; as well as to revive the mind, body, and soul.

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