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Cho thuê trang phục Thung Nham

Costumes for rent

Not all visitors have the budget to spend on costly costumes with very little practical application outside of photo shoots. So to solve this dilemma, Thung Nham provides the costume-renting service to make it easier for everyone to take full advantage of the Ecotourism Zone’s picture-perfect sceneries.

Xe điện Thung Nham

Electric car

Thung Nham has electric cars for hire if visitors do not want to bother going from place to place and and would rather spend the time and energy with their loved ones.

Hồ bơi Thung Nham - Ninh Bình

Swimming pool

Nothing calms the mind like the soothing tones of pale blue and green. Thung Nham’s outdoor swimming pool allows you to get back into the lap of nature and far from the madding crowd, but never too far from comfort.

Vườn chim - Thung Nham, Ninh Binh


Doanh Sinh’s array of activities and services is the quintessence of Ninh Binh travel, including:
– Exploring North Vietnam’s largest natural bird park by boat.
– Visiting the cave system (Prostrate-Before-God Cave, Buddha Cave – by boat, and Mermaid Cave).
– Spiritual complex (The moving banyan tree, Goi Dai temple, Linh Than shrine).
– Thung Nham Flower Paradise, orchards, plant nurseries, and vegetable gardens.

Karaoke Thung Nham


Named after the Ecotourism Zone’s cave system, Thung Nham karaoke rooms sport a world of modern and luxurious amenities – marked by excellent light and sound systems.

Đạp xe - Hồ súng

Bicycle Rental

Keeping a commitment to maintaining the fragile surroundings, Thung Nham has a wide selection of bikes for rent, from sport to kid’s bikes, with a fee that will not put a strain on the wallet.

Chơi team-building tại hồ Tiên


For groups, the Thung Nham Ecotourism Zone has support for campfire and teambuilding activities. Visitors can rest assured of our professionalism and attention to detail.

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