Thung Nham's Restaurants

Situated on a peninsula and surrounded by two lakes, Thung Nham Restaurant and Hill Café offer fabulous 360 degree views of the lush valley.
Immersed in a plethora of eathy tones with a relaxing and inviting atmosphere, the peninsula area is ideal for banquets, business dinners, birthdays, or simply for catching up over a coffee with friends.
Farm-to-table at its finest...

What better way for globe‑trotting connoisseurs to enjoy a destination like a local than savouring its delectable cuisine?​

Originally established as a working farm in 1999 and later converted into an ecotourism zone, Thung Nham has been adopting sustainable and eco-friendly approaches to create food from its very early days. With almost 30 years of experience under our belt, the gathering of evergreen gardens and sustainable farms constantly remind you of the ingredients of the next fabulous dinner.
Unlike many other locavore restaurants around the country, Thung Nham Restaurant has its own working herb and vegetable gardens onsite, as well as livestock and poultry raised on a timbered island in Fairy Lake, allowing for the freshest ingredients possible with the least environmental impact.
The proposed dishes follow the cycle of the seasons, depending on the availability of raw materials to ensure quality and freshness.
Cá trắm cỏ nướng - Irena

Grill grass carp

Dê hấp tía tô - Irena

Goat meat steamed with beefsteak leaves

Cua đồng chiên lá lốt - Irena

Crispy freshwater crabs

Dê chảo bản gang - Irena

Deep-fried goat meat

Lẩu cá trắm - Soai Pham

Carp hot pot

Củ sen chiên - Irena

Lotus root fritters

Củ quả luộc - Irena

Seasonal veggetables

Dê hấp

Steamed goat meat

Gà ri quay

Roasted free range chicken

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