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The Thung Nham Food Court has the capacity for 2000 guests serving international cuisine and local specialties, including chicken reared on hills, field crab, goat meat, porcupine, and grass carps grilled with cajeput coal. Thung Nham’s food is supplied by its own farms that use natural and sustainable farming methods, keeping it nutritious and fresh.

As if that wasn’t enough, the food court sits in harmony with the surrounding natural scenes, services are plentiful, and the staff is attentive and professional, making it a fresh dining sanctuary where the diners’ every moment is packed full of delight.

Modern furniture and a view over verdant hills contribute to making Hill Coffee an Instagram-worthy destination. There are few better spots on fine days than Hill Coffee patio for some light snacks and refreshing drinks.

Tiệc Hồ bơi Thung Nham

Tiệc ngoài trời

Tiệc ngoài trời – Xu hướng tổ chức sự kiện lãng mạn đong đầy cảm xúc Khi những buổi tiệc tại nhà hàng đã trở nên nhàm chán. Bất kể là bữa tiệc gia đình ấm cúng, gala dinner, hay tiệc sự kiện đẳng cấp… thì không gian thoáng đãng ngoài trời của Thung Nham là sự chọn lý tưởng.

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Jade Bar - Thung Nham

Jade Bar

Nestled into the jungle-covered valley, Thung Nham’s outdoor swimming pool and Jade Bar perfectly blends into its natural surroundings…

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Nhà hàng buffet Thung Nham

Thung Nham Restaurant

What better way for globe‑trotting connoisseurs to enjoy a destination like a local than savouring its delectable cuisine? Thung Nham Restaurant is that destination in your Ninh Binh trip!

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Khu ẩm thực Thung Nham

Hill Coffee

Nature is always your best escape from the doldrums of city living. And Hill Cafe is yet another weekend getaway to relax and enjoy the ample greenery.

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