The essence of Thung Nham’s cuisine

Originally established as a working farm in 1999 and later converted into an ecotourism zone, Thung Nham has been adopting sustainable and eco-friendly approaches to create food from its very early days. With almost 30 years of experience under our belt, the gathering of evergreen gardens and sustainable farms constantly remind you of the ingredients of the next fabulous dinner.

Table of contents

1. Taking farm-to-table to the next level!

Unlike many other locavore restaurants around the country, Thung Nham’s Restaurants have their own working herb and vegetable gardens onsite, as well as livestock and poultry raised on a timbered island in Fairy Lake, allowing for the freshest ingredients possible with the least environmental impact.

The proposed dishes follow the cycle of the seasons, depending on the availability of raw materials to ensure quality and freshness.

Attention to the raw materials is the basis of our cuisine.

Apart from edible delights made with genuine ingredients, Rose Myrtle Wine (Sim Wine) – made from artisanal rice wine infused with the ripe fruits and aged in caves – is another must-try delicacy in Thung Nham.

2. Grass carp

For many foodie travelers, venturing into regional delicacies allows them to find features typical of the region embodied within its gastronomic practice.

The wetland-dominated zone is teeming with aquatic life and local dwellers whose livelihoods are water-dependent can get really creative with their food. Dozen of mouth-watering dishes can be made from carp by grilling, steaming, deep-frying, etc. However, the carp hot pot is probably the most wholesome version of all as it makes up a very healthy and balanced – and not to mention – flavorsome diet.

Grass carp hotpot

Grass carp grilled over cajuput coal fire

Steamed grass carp

Gà ri quay - Irena

3. Free-range chicken

We all love chicken, don’t we? But not all chickens are the same! The free range chicken is characterized by its yellow skin and sweet, tender and juicy meat.

With access to the outdoors from dawn till dusk, our chickens can enjoy a sustainable, free-range diet with plants, weeds, and nutritious insects while freely roaming from garden to garden.

Dê hấp

Steamed goat meat

Dê hấp tía tô - Irena

Goat meat steamed with wild basil leaves

Dê chảo bản gang - Irena

Deep-fried goat meat

What better way for globe-trotting connoisseurs to enjoy a destination like a local than savouring its delectable cuisine?

4. Goat meat

No Ninh Bình trip is complete without its trademark gastronomic delight – mountain goat meat. There is no denying that goat meat is built into Ninh Binh’s culinary brand, along with rice crust and free-range chicken meat. What sets Ninh Binh’s goat meat apart from that of other regions is the fact that the goats are raised on karst mountains instead of on the hills, farms, or in pens.

In Thung Nham, goats are raised on a separate island in Fairy Lake, which allows them to be able to run and climb the mountain freely, and, eating plants, grasses, mosses, and other alpine vegetation. All of which make our goat meat firmer and aromatic, not overly fatty but extremely tasty. So treat yourself to a delectable dish of steamed goat meat. Wrap it in rice paper along with the freshest herbs and vegetables, dip it in Bần soya-bean sauce, and enjoy the unique flavor and tenderness of mountain goat meat!

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